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I am excited to welcome author D.L. Finn. I met D.L. through the Rave Reviews Book Club, and we also share membership in RWISA

D.L. is an independent California local, who encourages everyone to embrace their inner child. She was born and raised in the foggy Bay Area, but in 1990 relocated with her husband, kids, dogs and cats to the Sierra foothills in Nevada City, CA.  She immersed herself in reading all types of books, but especially loved romance, horror and fantasy. She always treasured creating her own reality on paper. Finally, being surrounded by towering pines, oaks and cedars, her creativity was cradled until it bloomed. Her creations vary from children’s books, young adult fantasy, adult paranormal romance to an autobiography with poetry. She continues on her adventure with an open invitation to her readers to join her. Today she shares a bit about her most recent book, THE BUTTON

The Button Research
My research is usually limited for fiction, especially when I create my villain. “The Button” required some necessary fact-checking with the story taking place in 1983. Although I lived through this period, I couldn’t remember an exact timeline of when things came out or happened. So, luckily the internet was there to help me out.

First thing I checked was the music. I wanted to make sure that songs I talked about were timely and had been released by September of ‘83—even earlier if club bands were playing the music.

Fashion was another area I researched. Stacy wanted to make a fashion statement by imitating Madonna. Was the timing right for that? I found that Madonna’s popularity started that year, so I limited her influence to lace gloves.

In 1983, you wouldn’t have used a cell phone to contact someone; instead, there were only landline phones and pay phones. What I couldn’t remember was did it still cost a dime to use payphones back then – my research revealed that it did. Was 9-1-1 around at that time? Yes, it was.  TVs were different and much more substantial than they are now, but you could connect it to a format that was making its way into households: a VHS player.) Watching a movie any time
you wanted or recording a show to watch later? Amazing in 83. There were no satellite radio options in a car, so you had to listen to all the commercials unless you had a cassette player (or, as in my case) an 8-track player.

Yes, there are some apparent differences between life now and life thirty-five years ago in music, fashion, and technology, but, you might be wondering why I choose 1983. Although it holds special significance for me because it was the year I got married, I initially planned on using the year 1981.  But, because I wanted to use the quote, “Can I see your papers, please?” from a Clint
Eastwood movie, I pushed the story-line up to 1983 to accommodate that. This quote was something my husband used to say quite often so you can understand why I wanted to use it. He’s almost as big of a fan of quoting movies as Kent is in “The Button.”

I based the opening bar scene off of a few of my youthful observations at a trendy dance club, a biker bar, a rocker bar, and a bar that showcased male strippers. These were the places that would take my “fake’ ID before I was “of age” to drink. I clumped them all together into this fictional bar.

Fact checking was also different in the 80s. If we were sitting around wondering about something, we’d have to look it up in an encyclopedia. There was a hotline, I remember, that offered information– or Ask Your Librarian. It came in handy when we played some of our board games or on those rare occasions that we encountered the know-it-all who was always right about everything.

There was no research required when it came to things that happened to me personally. The eight-hour coma was real and came from my memories, but then it was twisted into the story. I didn’t have a conversation with angels like Lynn did. I did grow up in an alcoholic household where there were parenting issues and a blended family. Lynn Hill’s family bears no resemblance to my real family, including the stepbrother Warren. I added a couple of things, scattered throughout the book that maybe a person or two will recognize. That was for the love and friendships that endured over the years.)

So, know that I always try to get my facts straight now just as I did in the past.

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52 thoughts on “Welcome to “THE BUTTON” Blog Tour! @DLFinnAuthor #4WillsPub #RWISA #RRBC”

    1. I was delighted to see that you’re hosting DL today, Gwen. Thank you so much! I enjoyed “This Second Chance” very much, and I’m sure that “The Button” will not disappoint, either. I hope you have a fabulous blog tour, DL. All the best with your publishing endeavours this year. 🌸🌸

      1. Thank you Maretha:) The Button has a different feel to it but still has the good vs evil theme. I wish the same for you, too. Thank you for stopping by!

    2. I am honored to host you today, D.L. I hope your tour is very successful. THE BUTTON was a terrific read and knowing the background makes it even more special. ♥

  1. How nice to see Denise here on tour today. I’ve read The Button and found it a well polished and intriguing story. I also loved the fact that it was set in the 80s. I’ve written a few books in that time period as well and know how challenging it can be to get facts about the times, pop culture, etc.
    And, wow, that 8 hour comma is scary

    1. Thank you Mae:) Your support has meant a lot to me. I loved going back to the 80s and reliving that fun time period! You are right, it does take a bit more research, which I enjoy doing. I wouldn’t mind revisiting the 70s or 60s either. Those 8 hours were a definite wake up call. So happy you dropped by:)

  2. I enjoyed reading The Button and it was obvious the research was well done. It is nice to get some inside information on how Denise constructed some of her scenes. Thank you for hosting, Gwen.

    1. Thank you John. I enjoyed the research part and relieving the memories the the 80s. This was a fun book to write, thanks for your help.

  3. I love the backstory shared here about the creation of nuances in “The Button!” It was a great story and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I hope your tour is a smashing success, Denise! Thanks for hosting, Gwen!

  4. I love this post, Denise. I am a huge fan of research. It’s a great way to learn. I lived through those incredible 1980s. I was 16 in 1983. It remains my favorite era in which I’ve lived (though the 1970s were quite special as well). Wishing you the best on your tour. I am off to grab a copy of The Button!

    Thanks for hosting, Gwen!

    1. Thank you Beem:) I’d like to revisit the 70s as well in a story. The 80s hold a special place in my memories, plus it was a lot of fun. Great time for music, too. I look forward to hearing what you think about The Button.

  5. Great post, Denise! I loved The Button” and the smooth flow of the book reflected the care you took with the research. I too love researching those seemingly small but oh so relevant facts.They all contribute to the credibility of our work. Thanks for hosting Denise today, Gwen.

    1. Thank you Soooz! I agree completely that research makes a huge difference in a story. I see it in your work, too. The benefit of writing in the 80s was it was revisiting some good memories.

      1. I agree, about the benefit of writing set in the 80’s. My daughter was born in 1981. It was a wonderful year. The decade was memorable for so many reasons.

  6. Hello D.L. You know, I got married in 1983 as well. Yes, you have to make sure your stories have some authenticity about them and that’s where the research comes in handy to make sure of that. Gwen, you introduce D.L. very nicely. I also love your beautiful website.

    1. I like we have that in common– the year we got married Shirley:) Time has flown by so quickly I can’t believe 36 years is coming up in June! I always notice the research that goes into a story when I read. I really enjoy learning new things. Thanks Shirley.

  7. Hi, Denise. The 80’s has always been my favorite decade. I have so many fond memories of that time period. I am definitely going to have to check out this book!
    Thanks for hosting, Gwen.

  8. Your research for ‘The Button’ sounds like a fun journey down memory lane! I, too, wore lace gloves, and I’m so pleased social media wasn’t as rampant as it is now – so some of my outfits won’t come back and haunt me!

    1. It was Wendy! Yes, I believe I had a pair of those gloves myself. Maybe that’s the charm about the 80s that it won’t come back to haunt us like now where everything is recorded and displayed. That way I can still think I looked great in all my outfits from back in the day. Thanks for dropping by Wendy.

    2. Thank you, Wendy, for your comment and support. It seems many of us remember the 80s with some fondness. D.L.’s research brought the era back for us. 🙂

  9. Hi, D.L., it looks like I have almost missed your tour. I don’t know how that happened but here we are. I hope you had a great tour. Congrats on your new book. Thank you, Gwen for hosting.

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