Man and Magic

This week author Ronovan Hester challenges writers to use MAN  and MAGIC in a Haiku poem. My thoughts of recent have focused on the weather. Its unpredictability and ferocity can change lives. And yet, often hidden in its fury is extraordinary beauty. My Haiku is about that reality.

If you’d like to try your hand at this art form, just click on Ronovan’s name, and you’ll be taken to his site, where there is helpful information on writing Haiku. 

13 thoughts on “Man and Magic”

  1. Hi Gwen! Here in south Florida it rained for three days and nights. I told my husband, ‘if this continues we’re going to have to build and ark’. Last night, we received a warning from the weather broadcast system (or whatever it’s called) that we were going to have a severe, tornado producing storm until 8:30 pm. Thank God there were no tornados in our area, but it was scary for a while. You’re absolutely right, weather’s unpredictability and ferocity can change lives but there can also be beautiful results like when a snow storm covers everything in white. Beautiful Haiku! <3

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