Saying goodbye

Two friends passed away over the last couple of weeks. Both were sudden, and both shook friends and family to the core. How does one adequately offer consolation at times like this, when the heart is broken? Struggling for answers, I wrote the following Tanka poem:

Perhaps you have lost someone recently, a friend, a loved one, a family member. If so, you know the abyss that opens and as well, the questions that arise with no answers. We hold to faith at times like this and simply walk forward as best we can. Time can heal the broken heart, but patience is elusive.

The final paragraph of my book, Letting Go, reads:

Deep within each of us, there is a well of love—a place of wholeness, a place of completeness. This sacred well is alive with wisdom and tenderness. It is our true self; it is where Perfect Love resides. This all-encompassing and unconditional love draws each of us home. And ever so slowly, as we grow more confident in our journey, letting go into Perfect Love becomes a way of being.

When tragedy strikes, it is easy to forget that we are on a journey.

He Said, She Said

Author Colleen Chesebro offers a weekly poetry challenge, using the 5/7/5/7/7 syllable structure.  The words for this week are Cold and Storm. By her rules, a participant cannot use these two words but must use synonyms.

This is my first attempt at writing Tanka, and I’ve chosen to use Tempest and Chill. Thank you, author Jan Sikes for your encouragement and inspiration.