The Contract …

The Contract between heaven and earth was published in June of 2018. It began as a simple idea that bridged the celestial and the human realms. But as co-author John W. Howell and I began writing, the characters took us into situations and places we did not anticipate. John and I have never met, but we share a belief in the divine and have a good understanding of the complexities of life. That said, we learned a lot from writing this book.

The basic thesis is as follows: 

The earth is threatened with a catastrophic event which could destroy all life on the planet. The elders in heaven decide that intervention is essential. They create a binding contract with two wise souls who are assigned to go to earth to avert the disaster. Readers follow Brad Channing and Sarah O’Brien as they separately and then together attempt to foil an assassination attempt that also includes global dominance. Much of the action takes place on a military base, where it is not clear who can be trusted and who should be feared.

The Contract is a story of two people who had more questions than they had answers, and yet they pursued love and were instrumental in preventing the ultimate destruction. Their life purpose was beyond what they could have imagined. Because they trusted, however, they helped save the planet. 

I encourage you to read some of the reviews posted on Amazon. One such reader is author Helen Valentina from Australia. This is what she had to say: 

“I’m a sucker for anything about angels, redemption, universal love and honour. So The Contract, by John Howell and Gwen Plano, had me ‘at hello’ – or ‘chapter one’ as they say in the literature world.

This is a truly unique book – a cross genre meeting of spiritual, action, thriller and romantic minds. One part evocation of spiritual growth and destiny, one part thrill ride through a rollicking mystery and political action rampage, one part one of the loveliest and most affirming romantic stories I’ve read in years. I’m not giving anything spoilery away by noting the story is about two souls that willingly contract to go to earth and avert a political disaster. But how this all unfolds is delicious and should be read by the reader, not told by the reviewer here.

I must say I’ve been a longtime fan of John Howell’s writing. It is fun, fast paced, warm and engaging – much as I suspect the author would be.  The fascinating thing here is how seamlessly his style and Gwen’s mix.  I truly couldn’t tell which parts were written by which, so well did they merge from one to the other.  It was very much like a harmony of two perfectly attuned instruments in a symphony.

They are the ideal writing partners to tell the story of two other perfect partners – of a different kind – as they fulfil their heavenly contract. … This makes me want two things: that they quickly do the sequel they promise at the end, and also I want to check out some of Gwen Plano’s other writing too now.

I thoroughly recommend this book to one and all – its genre mixing offers pretty much something for everyone, and by the end you will have enjoyed a wonderful, action packed, politically on point thriller that is also a romantic and life affirming ride.”