Letting Go Into Perfect Love

Letting Go Into Perfect Love is a memoir. Though it follows my life story, ultimately it is about our common journey to wholeness. Our stories are unique, but we all know heartache and joy, and through these emotions, we know one another.

I would never have chosen my life difficulties, and I suspect you wouldn’t have chosen yours either. Yet after the storms have passed and the rains lifted, we often see the blessings in our destinies through the steps we took to wholeness.

If you read my book, it is likely to evoke both tears of joy and sadness, but more than anything I believe it will bring you home to your own heart. It is possible you will be inspired by stories of triumph over adversity and will recall your own. In the process, my hope is that you will treasure the sacred journey home. 

Letting Go Into Perfect Love is now available in paperback, Kindle, and audiobook through Amazon and all the other major book outlets. A brief excerpt from the introduction is linked for your consideration. 

The book has received several awards for excellence, but its strongest and most humbling endorsements come from readers. One reviewer wrote the following, Letting Go into Perfect Love is more than just one woman’s memoir about her journey out from under the shadow of abuse and into a place of healing, enduring love; it is a collection of universal truths about human emotion, connection, and resiliency. For survivors of abusive relationships, Plano is an inspiring example of the possibility of finding renewed hope and happiness at any life stage; for all readers, she is a testament to the power of self-knowledge, compassion, and courage as tools for personal evolution. In lyrical prose that captures all the nuances of her experiences, both the heart-wrenching ones and the heart-warming ones, this talented author forever endears herself to lovers of the written word.”

Other comments by readers:  

“Flawlessly written in a manner that invites you into the author’s life, this book is both difficult to read and beautiful to absorb. … The spiritual aspects of this book are wonderfully uplifting, bringing a profound sense of peace to the reader through the author’s heartfelt prose. I was left amazed by Ms. Plano’s ultimate triumphs, her courage and her strength. This is an inspiring story that has the power to change lives. Kudos to the author for her candor, her bravery in baring her soul, and for such an eloquent message about the extraordinary power of perfect love.”

“This book is such a total gem. As I was reading it, several times I found myself thinking that not only is it beautifully written and flawlessly polished, but this book has the power to actually alter lives, possibly even save them! I mean, I know of someone that I feel downright convicted to buy this book for. It is that honest kind of story that can speak to my friend in ways that I never will be able to. … Thank God that Gwen was not only able to find hope for herself and for her children, but she also took all of that pain and allowed God to make beauty from her ashes.”

“Gwendolyn Plano has turned a very difficult story into an inspirational and poetic lesson for her readers. This book is eloquently rendered and deeply felt on every level. If pain was the carapace that birthed her enlightened writing, then we have all gained from her experience. Definitely worth a read–or maybe two, if you have ever found yourself in a violent relationship. In spite of its weighty contents, the story flies by. Highly recommended.”